A Unique Software for Non Banking Finance Companies


The Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFC) in India has been a growing revolution over the past few years. It is an important Part of the financial system and has shown consistent year-on-year growth over past Few Years.


The influence of NBFCs, along with their understanding of the local market, makes them a better substitute for the People in need of money with no long term formalities as compared to the Banking System. The People now a days are Tech Savy, They Want Accurate report from the NBFCs. We at Moneysoft Regularly improve our product to help our esteemed customer to get the results easily from our NFBC Software,


Moneysoft NBFC Software– The Ultimate Software for NBFC to expand your business easily


Moneysoft NBFC Software is a comprehensive, integrated, customizable, designed to manage the complete loan lifecycle. It enables the user to implement custom-made products within minutes and automate their business processes thus improving the overall operational efficiency.


Our Finance Management Software for NBFCs empowers the management to optimize the Whole Process & Smooth the business workflow. the Moneysoft NBFC Software is recommended as a best Finance management solution which is available as Offline Software as well as Cloud Based.Moneysoft is one of the leading accounting software in India It provides the necessary tools, to maintain Finance transactions manageable, and improve employee’s efficiency and accuracy.

 Software is Also availabe in LAN/WAN environment.




  • Loan Addition for Specific Period of Time
  • Loan Addon Facility for Further additions
  • Photo Capture of the Client using WebCam
  • Automatic Intt. Calculations on Reducing Balance for Specific Period of Time for Singal /Multiple Customers
  • Loan reports for Specified Period
  • EMI Tracking
  • Intt. Tracking
  • Receipt Making
  • Customer Loan Profile
  • Account Statements
  • Financial Position report
  • Profitablity Reports.
  • BTQ Form
  • Easy KeyBoard Based Operation.
  • Backup Can be Sent on email.
  • Version Change Flash on the Software Screen.
  • Multy Company*
  • Multy Entry (with same voucher Option &/or Sunday Omitting Option)
  • Graphical Analysis.
  • Smart Search of Heads.
  • Big Display
  • Comparative Statements
  • Exception Reports.
  • AnyWhere Accounting
  • InterLink with Microsoft Excel OLE Server.
  • Create PDF Files (AcroBat Reader) from almost all reports.
  • One Touch Entry.
  • Ageing Analysis.
  • Group Summary in Details
  • Password Protection
  • View before Actual printing
  • Progressbar Indication.
  • Even & Odd Printing Facility (by Converting to Post Script)
  • Printing Through Preview Window to desired destination.
  • Built In Calculator.
  • 100 % Mouse-Free Environment.

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