Moneysoft is an integrated business accounting software for small and medium business. Moneysoft is one of the leading accounting software in India. It provides the necessary tools, to maintain the Financial Transactions of Traders,Karyana Shop,Fast Food Shops, Sweet Shops and Manufacturers to Run the business processes, make transactions manageable, and improve employee´s efficiency and accuracy.


The software is Very Useful For Traders,manufacturers, karyana Merchants, Burger Shops, Sweet Shops to maintain the sale / purchase & Other transactions of business. Voucher Entry to Balance Sheet can be printed as well as Cheques can be printed with/without RTGS/NEFT Requisition form. Software is availabe in LAN/WAN environment with Offline / cloud Mode.


With e-invoicing already implemented for businesses with a turnover of 50 crores, the current phase is applicable for businesses with a turnover exceeding 20 crores from 1st April,2022. From 1st October 2022 , e-invoicing will be applicable for businesses with a turnover exceeding 10 crores. Electronic invoicing popularly called as ‘e-invoice’ is a concept in which all B2B invoices are electronically uploaded by the supplier and authenticated by invoice registration portal (IRP) with an IRN and QR code. In turn, the IRN and QR code should be printed on the invoice by the supplier before issuing it to the buyer.


MoneySoft Financial Accounting Package (The Ultimate Accounting package) hereinafter called as SoftWare, is From M/s Kundi & Associates (The Accounting Professionals...). The Software is an Top Level Accounting Package Which means that this would work at the same level as other Windows applications and can appear in front of or behind them. This Software uses a Top-Level form which is an independent, modeless form without a parent form, and is used to create an SDI (single document interface) application or to serve as the parent for other child forms. Top-level forms appear on the Windows taskbar. We are the first to introduce a TOP level Package in Many Location all over India.


GST Software (Some Salient Features)

  • Window Based -'Top Level#' User-Friendly Interface.
  • Financial accounting upto balance sheet.
  • GST Reports, GSTR1,GSTR-3B, GSTR-9 Etc.
  • eInvoice Can Be Generate through JSON File Directly
  • eWayBill Can Be Generate through JSON File Directly
  • Customizable billing system fully integrated with accounts
  • Integrated inventory system.
  • Cheque Printing of All Banks
  • Easy KeyBoard Based Operation.
  • Multy Company*
  • Multy Entry (with same voucher Option &/or Sunday Omitting Option)
  • Graphical Analysis.
  • Smart Search of Heads.
  • Big Display
  • Comparative Statements
  • Exception Reports.
  • AnyWhere Accounting
  • InterLink with Microsoft Excel OLE Server.
  • Create PDF Files (AcroBat Reader) from almost all reports.
  • One Touch Entry.
  • Ageing Analysis.
  • Group Summary in Details
  • Password Protection
  • View before Actual printing
  • Progressbar Indication.
  • Even & Odd Printing Facility (by Converting to Post Script)
  • Printing Through Preview Window to desired destination.
  • Built In Calculator.
  • 100 % Mouse-Free Environment.